Lindsey + Derrick | Madison, WI Wedding Photographer

I was a little nervous when the father of the bride came to our first meeting! Not because he was there (totally fine with that!) – it was because dad is a photographer himself. Is he going to tell me how to pose, is he going to get in my shots with his own camera, is he going to analyze everything I do…not the case at all! I am pretty sure that he had a blast at his daughter’s wedding, probably aided by the fact that he is constantly surrounded by the super cool people in his family! This couple and their wedding party were so laid back, fun, great to work with, AMAZING (not to mention nice to look at)! Thanks so much for trusting me with your day! Did I mention that I am partial to orange!?! Bonus!!!

EMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD1PINThis was a Friday wedding so the school kids are sneaking a peek at the bride!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD2PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD3PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD4PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD5PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD6PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD7PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD8PINI am pretty sure we found the 2 places in WI that had the most mosquitoes EVER! Such troopers!!!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD9PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD10PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD11PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD12PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD13PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD14PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD15PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD16PINGorgeous ladies!!!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD17PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD18PINSometimes wrangling a wedding party is like herding…clowns!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD19PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD20PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD21PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD22PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD23PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-LD24PIN

  • Kelly - Great pictures, Lindsey! Looks like a wonderful day and you looked beautiful…your dress is gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your new school…we all miss you over here in LM.ReplyCancel

  • Inger - Your pictures are gorgeous, you look wonderful! I hope everything is going awesome for you at your new job and that married life is treating you well! we miss you here more than you know!!!

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