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When I started thinking about preschool for my girls there was only one place that I considered. The Children’s Community School in Mt. Horeb was my one and only choice. They are a Montessori preschool where kids can learn and explore the world in a peaceful yet challenging environment. I love that they play outside every day. I love that their class is mixed in age so that the little ones get help from their older peers and then get to give help to the new younger ones the following year. My girls have gone to CCS for the past 7 years (2 years for each kid – this is our last year – sniff sniff). The teachers love my girls and my girls LOVE them! I’ve been called ‘Martha’ on numerous occasions :-).

Every year in the spring CCS holds a Silent Auction to help raise money for the school (they are a non-profit organization). I donate a session each year and am always so thrilled when people bid on my session! This wonderful family is this year’s winner!

I love this family!!! Matt & I used to work together at Old Chicago back in the day. There were nights that we both bartended and we ROCKED! I’m so short and he is so tall…he could reach right over my head or I could duck under his arm without missing a beat! I’ve known Jess since before they were married and now we are all grown up and have kids of our own. And how cute are they!!! That really isn’t a question! The night was perfect! The light was gorgeous! Thank you so much for winning!!!EMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler01PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler02PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler03PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler04PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler05PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler06PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler07PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler08PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler09PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler10PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler11PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler12PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler13PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler14PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler15PINEMP-madison-portrait-photographer-Sickler16PIN

  • Jess - These will be cherished forever! We had so much fun that night, Erin rocks!!!!ReplyCancel

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