Kristin + Bob = Engaged | Madison, WI Engagement Photographer

When Bob emailed me to see if I would be in on a little surprise for Kristin, I jumped on it! I love surprises and I love helping surprise other people! He had some friends lined up to release lanterns at sunset at the end of our session. I was a NERVOUS WRECK! I was so afraid of slipping and giving it away. I would check 3 times before I sent an email back to Bob (OCD much?) just to make sure it was going only to him. We had a blast during their session – they are soooooo easy to photograph! The lantern release didn’t work exactly as we hoped (those suckers go up FAST!). But, it was a lot of fun, Kristin was truly surprised and we got some cute photos at the end!

EMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB01PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB02PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB03PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB04PINMy favorite!EMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB05PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB06PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB07PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB08PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB09PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB10PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB11PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB12PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB13PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB14PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB15PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB16PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB17PINEMP-madison-engagement-photographer-KB18PIN


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