Alex + Tyler | Edgewood High School | Madison, WI Wedding

Alex & Ty are the kind of people that made me want to get into wedding photography! When we had our first meeting I laughed the entire time! When we met for their engagement session it was FREEZING and they didn’t complain for a second – even though they didn’t bring coats. When I heard their wedding was going to be at Edgewood High School…in the gym…I was thrilled! I love new locations and I love unique ideas! All that is awesome but the main reason is because they truly, TRULY are their perfect match and it shows in the way they interact how much they love each other! I was either laughing or crying all day (right along with Ty) and I wish we could do it all over again! Thank you sooooo much for allowing Brandy & I to be there with you!!! #2hearts1boddy

I say this to my girls too so of course I was crying here! Alex’s mom sewed this into her dress as a surprise something blue.

EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed01PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed02PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed03PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed04PINEvery girl wants someone to love them THIS much!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed05PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed06PINA surprise from Alex’s sister – remembering those who couldn’t be there.EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed07PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed08PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed09PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed10PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed11PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed12PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed13PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed14PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed15PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed16PINI just LOVE this photo!!! And I love how they just rolled with it!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed17PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed18PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed19PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed20PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed21PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed22PINSo much fun! Be sure to see the end of this post!!!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed23PINTy is the Assistant Women’s Volleyball Coach at Southwest Minnesota State University and Alex is a player so of course volleyball needed to be involved!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed24PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed25PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed26PINGotta do the wave if you are in a gym!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed27PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed28PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed29PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed30PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed31PINThey wanted to jump and so we did – and a fine jump at that!!!EMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed32PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed33PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed34PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed35PINEMP-madison-wedding-photography-TyAlexWed36PIN

Other important things to note…

I’ve never seen so many selfie sticks in my life!

This video is both AMAZING & HILARIOUS!!!


  • bernie - Oh my gosh!!! Could these be any cuter? Perma-smile on my face as I looked through these. Love, love, love!ReplyCancel

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