Kelsey + Matthew = Engaged | Madison, WI Engagement Photographer

Are you ready for some random thoughts this Monday…here goes!

So I’m trick-or-treating with my girls on Saturday night in my sister’s neighborhood because we live in the boonies. As we are walking up to this super cute house I’m thinking to myself, “I don’t even like red but I really love the color of this house and would totally pain my house this color!!!” I told you – RANDOM! As the girls are leaving I see this guy squatting down next to the door and a really cute dog in the background. All the kids leave and I go running at this couple, dressed as a teenage mutant ninja turtle with a beer in my hand yelling, “Hey!!! I’m your photographer!” WHAT A DORK!!!

They were totally cool and told me to go have fun while I’m feeling super guilty about not having their engagement photos done for them yet! This is every photographer’s dilemma this time of year – how to still have a life but get 8,492,653,171 photos edited!

I had such a great time with Kelsey & Matthew at their engagement session! Having a sweetheart like Emmie along for the ride (big thanks to Kelsey’s mom) makes it even better!EMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt01PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt012PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt013PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt014PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt015PINMy favorite!EMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt016PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt017PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt018PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt019PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0110PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0111PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0112PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0113PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0114PINEMP-madison-engagement-wedding-photographer-KelMatt0115PIN


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