The January Project 2016 >> Day 14

I went with Izzy to the Children’s Dyslexia Center for the ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of 4 new rooms which means more kids can get off of their waiting list and receive FREE tutoring!!! There were lots of tears on my part because this special place was my grandpa’s passion and so many people mentioned him and the work that he did and that he is missed dearly! While I’m not my grandpa, I feel the need to help fill a tiny bit of the hole that he left. So starts my journey to raise awareness and of course help raise money to support this center.

This is a big goal but here it is…I want to raise $10,000 by Saturday, May 21st which is the 7th annual Walk for Dyslexia at the Vilas Park Shelter next to the zoo. It is an easy walk…and it is fun…and it supports a great cause!!! I’m thinking lots of bake sales so if you are my friend, be prepared for a message to ask you to bake! Or, if you have any other suggestions on how to raise money – send me a message!!! I’m all ears!

This is the room where Izzy started her tutoring :-).



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