2016 Tri-County Conference Finals | MoHo Gators Summer Swim Team

The MoHo Gators summer swim team ended its season this past weekend at the Tri-County Conference meet in Baraboo. I can’t say enough about this team and the MoHo Gators organization as a whole. It is a team that has room for everyone – from the very beginner looking to improve their skills to the seasoned veteran looking for some stiff competition. If you are looking for a great swimming opportunity check out – www.mohogators.org – fall sessions will be opening soon with opportunities at all levels!

If you would like to see all of the photos from the meet you can find them HERE!

We had such a fun weekend of cheering, individual successes and teamwork. My girls have been part of this team for the past 5 years (3 of them swam this year with my 4th hoping to join next year). They have blossomed into such amazing swimmers & teammates. They have learned discipline and sportsmanship. Here are a few of my favorites…

Cheering on their teammatesEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-01PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-012PINThat sweet spot where the light hits the water and the goggles…gives me goose bumps!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-013PINOur coaches are AMAZING!!! My daughter bawled last night at the banquet because she would miss her coach – even though they will see her in a few short weeks for Sunday clinics.EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-014PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-015PINFantastic startsEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-016PINWe have timid personalities and big personalities but once they hit the water you wouldn’t know the difference because they all swim their hearts out!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-017PINThis kid used to be afraid of her shadow and now she launches herself off that block and it makes me so proud!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-018PINand then even has time to smile at her mom at the end of her race!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-019PINThis kiddo worked so hard on her breaststroke this year and improved so much!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0110PINSuch a beautiful stroke to watch!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0111PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0112PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0113PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0114PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0115PINWe had some really close races…EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0116PINAnd some really big wins!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0117PINI love to see our swimmers congratulating each other and you will more often than not see them congratulating their competition too!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0118PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0119PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0120PINSome go in feet first and that is OK!EMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0121PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0122PINEMP-sports-photographer-tri-county-swim-0123PIN


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